You Know What It Means


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Second debut album. 11 tracks


released March 18, 2017

Wim Gijbels - drums, percussion
Marleen Thoelen - bas, vocals
Tom Vienne - guitars, vocals, percussion, keys
Veronique Swennen - keys, vocals

Recorded by Peter Houben at Studio Tramadol 50mg
Mastered by Niels Hendrix at Studio FONS

All Songs by Tonsils
2017 FONS Records



all rights reserved


TONSILS Hasselt, Belgium

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Track Name: Waste My Time
Maybe it’s time 
to make a living
Maybe it’s time 
to take school more seriously

I am a master procrastinator
Maybe it’s time to break free

No more time to waste my time

Who would’ve thought
That I would come to my senses
Who would’ve thought
that I would turn into you

I think it’s time 
to get my hands dirty
I think it’s time 
to take life more seriously

I first had to turn 
over thirty
something made me be
who I need to be

Have you found
what you’ve been looking for
You know I cried
when you went through that door

Let go 
Track Name: Fur And Sharp Teeth
Way back, back in the days
when we were young and used to play all day
none of us would care about what anyone would say
only good times we let roll
fun and games and more
when suddenly a man came ‘round 
with something for us in store

oooh lalala

Fur and sharp teeth
tududum tuu tudududub tuu

(Ooh lalala)
one thing I’ll admit
first I gave in a little bit
Stories ‘bout a Kingdom Come
promised we’d all fit
But then he showed us his true face
short minded ideas and sick ways

He gave us fur and sharp teeth

tududum tuu tudududub tuu
Track Name: Flesh From Bone
ancient carvings
seem too perfect
i hear hollow mountains
are filled with laser beams
from a rooftop
scream for more
flesh from bone
but can you dance
can you make us move
cast a spell
give us magic proof
you know what it means
and so do we
you’re like word machine
make it sing to me

all the symbols and signs
if you know where to find
we’re moving right behind
Track Name: Goggles
recreational gadgetry
a kayak or a raft maybe
to ponder on whatever
to paddle down a stream up in wherever

stuff that i can play with
a puddle to dive in
to get my shit together
so i can see clear and make it better        

look for my goggles
i sank to the bottom
i guess i'm chasing my tail
while i get washed away

toys and junk get tangled in
take us for a wild spin
slap our brains around
better do it fast before we drown

get in a crazy ride
see us flying high
not ever coming down
no not ever ever coming down

got sucked down a flow
oh how i should ‘ve known
that this could happen to me
this world is oxygen free  
Track Name: Stagger
Think like a horse
run my wagon off course
lessons in how to maintain 
this rusty dry brain

give back my bones 
cause they rattle like stones
in a dusty old bag
got a real silly stagger

and i can’t stand 
the sound of my own body
won’t you please scream at me
freak out for me honey

feel these lumps in my neck 
they tend to keep coming back
scared shitless piss my pants
brain tumor heart attack

there must be something in the water
can’t believe i’m growing older
wear my head inside a bag
still got that real silly stagger

it’s in my bones

Track Name: Wings Interlude
Ooh Yeah
Track Name: Fly High
You need to bend the rules
once in a while
because the grass seems greener
on the other side
but the milk turns sour
and the flowers die
And you’ll keep crawling up the hill
with nowhere to hide

You know the stars shine brighter
when there is no light
Dams are built
and rivers run dry
I know you hurt a lot 
but you still get by
You know you have to fly low
before you get to fly high

You know you have to fly low
before you get to fly high
You know you have to fly low
before you get to fly high

Just when you think you’re out
they’re gonna pull you back in
No clue where it ends
you don’t know where to begin
You know the way to hell
and what it’s paved with
People giving advice 
trying to chip in

Because they think they can help
because of where they’ve been
And it’s all in vain
you still die within
But don’t stand on the edge
just run and jump in
They might have made you a sweater
but the thread’s wearing thin
Track Name: Chunks On Our Shoes
It’s dipso time
Aim for the clouds
It’s funny how
We’re not so clever now

And later on
We’ll spew chunks
On our shoes

Because the drugs they saved our lives
Yeah the drugs they saved our lives

By the time
We’ll be sober
Another can is cracked
It’s never over

And later on
We’ll yell things
And spit on the floor

And how the drugs they saved our lives
Yeah the drugs they saved our lives
Track Name: You Were Out
I lost my job
you were out sailing
I count the days
you were gone sailing

Take your time
you’ll be mine

Now you’re still gone
and i am here waiting
got things to do
i’m not complaining

and I can still get high
I’ll wait, if you’ll be mine

Take your time
You’ll be mine

Ooh you were out sailing
Give it another try
Track Name: Sober
Hmm Hmm

Head in the dirt it’s
Feet in the sky
a giant turtle
is eating me alive

is this a nightmare?
But it’s daytime
Chocolate potatoes
With pink slime

We’re in a forest
Trees are walking along
Birds are breathing heavy
A black metal song

Can you think straight?
we need spaghetti and chong
it’s gonna help us
or am i wrong?

Trying to stay sober
Maybe today

Hmm Hmm

you can read those books
backwards and upside down
all from different planets
but our skins are brown

i am a smiley face
with a neon frown
and you’ll be wearing
yoghurt for a crown

Back in the dirt
trying to stay dry
growing gills now
so we’ll be allright

if we ever figure out
how we’re still alive
if I jump up
it’ll feel like a dive